Seydel Session Steel Harmonica (Set of 12)

How Much Does a Good Harmonica Cost?

How Much Does a Good Harmonica Cost?

If we define a ‘good harmonica’ as one that is made in Germany or Japan, or is from the higher end of one of the better Chinese manufacturers’ ranges, and is sufficiently airtight and well-tuned that it could be used by a professional musician in the course of their work, here are some approximate prices for the various types of harmonica:

Diatonic Harmonicas

Entry level professional harmonicas in the ten hole variety come in at around the £28 – £35 mark. This includes harps such as the Seydel Session, Hohner Big River and Suzuki Bluesmaster. Spending more than this will get you nicer materials, and a slightly more responsive feel, but the differences will be far less than those between these harps and cheap Chinese diatonics.

Chromatic Harmonicas

Chromatics are by their nature more expensive than diatonics, so expect to pay at least £120 for a 12 hole German made chromatic such as the Hohner Discovery 48. More holes gives more tonal range, but also increases the cost, with decent 14 and 16 hole chromatics starting at near to £200.

Tremolo/Octave Harmonicas

These are a less common sight than a couple of decades ago, so choice is fairly limited. Tombo produce some well made tremolo harps, which start at around £40. Octave harmonicas are thinner on the ground, with Seydel being the only major brand offering more than one model. Expect to pay at least £70 for a German made harp.

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