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What Harmonica Should I Buy as a Beginner?

What Harmonica Should I Buy as a Beginner? There are a number of questions that regularly arise in the day to day life of a harmonica business. Some of the most common are “What should I buy that will make me sound like [insert artist’s name]?” and “How do I learn to bend?”. The question […]

Delay Pedals Versus Reverb Pedals

Delay Pedals Versus Reverb Pedals In this post we’ll look at delay pedals versus reverb pedals, outline some of the differences, and help you to choose the best pedal for your needs. Why Do I Need a Pedal? This isn’t a question that you’ll hear coming from many guitarists’ lips, as the foot pedal, in […]

How to Make Your Harmonica Better

How to Make Your Harmonica Better Being a guitarist before picking up the harmonica, I find it interesting to note the differences between approaches that players take to their respective instruments. When you buy a guitar, irrespective of how expensive it is, you assume that a certain amount of fettling will be necessary to ensure […]

How to Clean a Harmonica

How to Clean a Harmonica Unlike instruments like guitars, where a lack of cleaning will have few effects on playability or functionality, at least in the short term, harmonicas by their very nature require regular cleaning. Follow our guide to ensure that you know how to clean a harmonica in the correct way. Washing This […]

Little Walter – Rock and Roll Legend

We take a look at Little Walter – the legendary harmonica player. Any awards system in the arts (and, perhaps, some in the field of science) is open to criticisms of subjectivism and bias. Music, as in all aesthetic pursuits is no exception, and is interesting to note that the Rock and Roll Hall of […]

Chromatic Harmonica

The Chromatic Harmonica – what is it and why should I be interested? When I began to master the basic elements of the diatonic harp, several years ago, I started to wonder how difficult it would be to play the chromatic harmonica. After all, I was a classically trained pianist, and the layout of the […]

The Story of Seydel: How the Oldest Manufacturer of Harmonicas Returned from the Dead

Mention the name Hohner to the average non-musician and they’ll probably have some dim recollection of it being a musical instrument manufacturer. Those with more than a passing interest in Dylan or the blues will connect it with the harmonica in some way (although they’ll probably use the now slightly archaic phrase ‘mouth organ’ in […]

How to disassemble the Hohner CX12 Harmonica

Watch as Jonathan Prestige of The Harmonica Company talks about how to disassemble the Hohner CX12 Harmonica The Hohner CX12 black is the standard version of the CX12 harmonica and comes in a sleek black case with reed plates of standard thickness. It features all the amazing characteristics of the CX system at a great […]

Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonica Review

Review Summary: The Hohner Marine Band Crossover is a fantastic diatonic harmonica for the price. Like others in Hohner’s Marine Band line, it is solidly constructed and built to stand up to a vigorous workout. It is assembled with screws, making it easy for serious musicians to open up and tweak to their liking. One […]

Despacito Harmonica Cover – With Tabs

Despacito is a music single by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee. The song topped the charts in 47 countries and reached the top 10 of ten others, making it one of the most successful music singles of 2017, and it was released in January 2017. The official music video for “Despacito” became the most viewed […]

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