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Where are Hohner Harmonicas Made?

Where are Hohner Harmonicas Made?

Like many musical instrument companies, Hohner offers its products at a wide range of price points in order to capture as big a slice of the market as possible. In practice, this means that its harmonicas are manufactured primarily in two countries – China and Germany.

List of Hohner Harmonicas Made in China

As you would expect, the lower end instruments, and those intended for use by children, are manufactured in China. This includes the following harmonicas from Hohners’ current range:

It’s worth noting here that there are multiple versions of the Little Lady on the market, and it is only the original version with the pearwood comb that is still made in Germany.

As a rule, replacement reed plates are not available for Hohner’s Chinese made harmonicas. The only exceptions are the Chrometta harps, for which a wide range of spares are available.

List of Hohner Harmonicas Made in Germany

In general, all Hohner diatonic harmonicas retailing over around £25 at the time of writing are made in Germany. For chromatics, this figure increases to just in excess of £120. All German made harps, with the exception of the Little Lady, have replacement reed plates and other parts available from the Hohner spares department.

The following harmonicas are all made in Germany:

It’s worth noting here that Hohner’s quality control on its Chinese made harps tends to be fairly thorough; there are certainly far fewer issues with these harmonicas than many other Chinese brands.

This said, in my opinion, it is generally worth investing a little more cash in a German made harmonica, as the availability of replacement parts, and the better playability makes them a better choice in the long run.


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