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Hohner Super 64 vs Super 64X

Hohner has been making 16 hole chromatics for nearly a century now, and the Super 64 and Super 64X have been used by some of the world's greatest harmonica players, including, most famously, Stevie Wonder. Let's take a look at what the additional expenditure on the more expensive X model gets you over the standard Super 64.

The first thing to note is that both models share at least some of their architecture with the venerable Chromonica 64. In fact, the Super 64 features the same reed plates and comb as its cheaper relative – the differentiation with it being made in the slider mechanism, which has adjustable tension, the cover plates and the mouthpiece. The Super 64X, in comparison, whilst sharing the Super 64's dimensions, uses a whole range of bespoke parts, including the comb, reed plates, cover plates and slide.

Do these changes make a significant difference? The answer is a resounding β€˜yes'! The double thickness reed plates of the 64X provide it with much greater volume than the standard model, and the quality of fit and finish is much higher. This isn't to say that the Super 64 is not a fantastic harmonica – after all, Stevie Wonder used an earlier version of it on many of his most iconic recordings, and it doesn't sound too shabby on them! – but the X does feel like a higher quality instrument.

Ultimately, your choice may not always be limited by budget; Hohner's slightly strange production schedules often mean that there is a dearth of either the 64 or the 64X. However, if you can afford the extra outlay, and you can find one for sale, the 64X is, ultimately, the more fulfilling harmonica to own.

Hohner Super 64 Performance Series Chromatic Harmonica
Hohner Super 64X Performance Series Chromatic Harmonica
Harmonica NameHohner Super 64 Performance Series Chromatic HarmonicaHohner Super 64X Performance Series Chromatic Harmonica
Harmonica TypeChromatic HarmonicaChromatic Harmonica
Number of Holes1616
Comb MaterialPlasticPlastic
Number of Reeds6464
Spare Reeds Available?YesYes
Musical StylesJazz, Classical, PopJazz, Classical, Pop
Price from£328.99£499.99
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