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A flat harmonic minor is a key that is available in a fairly small range of diatonic harmonicas. These include the Lee Oskar range of 10 hole diatonics, Hohner’s Marine Band Classic, and most of the stainless steel reedplate equipped Seydel 10 hole harps, such as the 1847 range (although this would usually be via special order.

The harmonic minor scale is similar to that of the natural minor but substitutes the major 7th for the minor 7th (ie a G instead of an F# in the case of A flat harmonic minor).

This makes harmonic minor harps most suitable for playing Eastern European, Mediterranean, some folk and Gypsy style music, where this key is most predominant.

If you’re used to playing a natural minor harp, the harmonic minor will be quite intuitive to play, and will instantly give you a more exotic sound! Try one today – you won’t be disappointed.

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