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Harmonica Combs

Harmonica Combs

The Harmonica Company is the official European retailer for Andrew Zajac combs and accessories, which are widely regarded as the best in the business.

Why Replace Your Harmonica's Comb?

The comb is an integral part of the harmonica, and its material, design and level of flatness has a significant influence on tone, volume and airtightness. Zajac combs are precision engineered to be the flattest available, enabling far greater airtightness, and, as a consequence, easier access to bends and overblows, compared to stock combs. In addition, the composite material used provides the tone of unsealed pearwood, but with none of the disadvantages, such as comb swelling, that are inherent to this material.

Replace the Comb, Not the Whole Harmonica

Many players of harmonicas with traditional wood combs, such as the Marine Band Classic, find that over time the combs crack, or become uncomfortable to play. Rather than replace the entire harmonica, a Zajac comb will bring new life to an old harp and make it sound and play better than new!

Other Comb Options

We always recommend Zajac combs over original equipment ones, but for players who wish to keep their instrument as stock, we can supply manufacturer original combs for most German and Japanese made harmonicas - just drop us a line with your request.

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