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Harmonica Effects Pedals

Effects pedals can add real depth to your tone and make your harmonica sing! The Harmonica Company offers a range of effects pedals, from tube-replicating overdrives to reverb pedals that accurately emulate spring, plate and natural reverb sounds. We also offer delay and chorus pedals, which can give depth to your sound and allow you to explore new avenues in your musical repertoire.

All of our pedals come in robust metal cases, built to withstand the rigours of gigging, and feature easily discernible lights to indicate their status - an important factor that is sometimes overlooked by other pedal manufacturers. Team one up with one of our amps and you have a great basis for your live performances.

Our Xvive reverb pedal is the perfect way to add authentic sounding reverb to your sound - whether live or in a recording situation.

All pedals are available to ship worldwide with fast courier and postal services and - as always - we strive to provide the highest standards of service.

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