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Harmonica Tools and Parts

Harmonica Tools and Parts. Here you’ll find a range of tools and parts to help you get the most out of your harp.

We stock a range of custom made tools and parts from Andrew Zajac in Canada. These include custom combs for many of the most popular diatonic harmonicas, tuners, embossing kits and various toolkits.

Most harmonicas are mass produced and, as a consequence, greatly benefit from fettling. With the correct tools this can be a simple and rewarding process that can massively improve the tone and playability of your harmonica. Furthermore, it can open up new avenues of playing, such as making overblows more easily accessible.

Custom combs can improve airtightness, as they are flattened to much finer tolerances than production combs. Improved airtightness has beneficial effects on both tone and the feel of your harmonica.

We also stock Zajac’s inexpensive Marine Band conversion kit, which enables the 1896 Classic to be converted to a much more user friendly bolted design.

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