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  • Hohner Reed PlatesMore info
  • Marine Band 1896 Classic 5 PackMore info
  • Hohner Flexcase XLMore info
  • Sale! Hohner Hot Metal Value PackMore info
  • Hohner New Super 64X Performance SeriesMore info
  • Hohner Flexcase LMore info
  • Hohner New Super 64More info
  • Hohner Echo Celeste 455/48 Tremolo HarmonicaMore info
  • Sale! Hohner Remaster Vol II Collectors Edition HarmonicaMore info
  • Hohner Comet 40 Octave HarmonicaMore info
  • Hohner Sonny Terry Heritage Edition HarmonicaMore info
  • Hohner FlexRack Harmonica HolderMore info
  • Hohner Chromonica Super 64 HarmonicaMore info
  • Hohner Flexcase MMore info
  • Hohner 365 Steve Baker Special HarmonicaMore info
  • Sale! Hohner Remaster Vol III Collectors Edition HarmonicaMore info

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