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Product Description

The BlowsMeAway Productions Rackit!-B is a designed to help you have a hands-free harmonica microphone with a fattened acoustic sound. Most players know that cupping a harmonica microphone fattens your acoustic and especially your amplified tone. Unfortunately this is impossible for people whose hands are busy doing something else – like playing guitar, or for people with disabilities that prevent them from cupping a traditional mic. Rackit! cups the mic for you!

This model includes the amazing Bulletini™  without volume control microphone!

  • includes the Bulletini™
  • Includes Bulletini grill and grill foam, and 1.5mm wrench
  • Stunning tone!
  • 3 Tone Modes: “Huge”, “Fat” and “Bright” - Switch easily between them during performance
  • Fits most popular 10-hole harmonicas*
  • Fits most popular racks*
  • 3D printed, soft and flexible material unlikely to harm your harps
  • Incorporates the legendary Bulletini™ microphone
  • Switch harps easily and quickly
  • Wired or Wireless operation
  • Allows a deeper embouchure than some racks permit (more harp in your mouth)
  • Use amplified or acoustic, in a rack or hand held
  • Light weight, low profile - see your guitar's neck!
  • Configurable for left- or right handed operation


Racks tested*:

  • Hohner HH-01*
  • Hohner HH-154*
  • Hohner MZ-2010 Flex Rack
  • Konig & Meyer*
  • Farmer Footdrums ArchTop and SideNote**

*These racks may have L-shaped tabs that prevent a harmonica from moving too far rearward. In some cases you can rearrange the rack so these tabs are on the front side – in which case the Rackit! will fit just fine. Otherwise, these tabs must be removed or bent straight to accommodate Rackit! Rackit!. prevents your harps from moving rearward.

**The Farmer Footdrums magnetic racks require installation of an Adaptor Kit, sold separately. The kit provides a small steel bar with double-face tape that you mount in the “well” in Rackit!’s lower jaw to attract the magnet.

Harmonicas tested:

  • Easttop 10-hole
  • Hohner Marine Band
  • Hohner Special 20
  • Hohner Crossover*
  • Hohner Golden Melody 
  • Lee Oskar
  • Seydel 1847 (Noble, Classic, Silver, One70)
  • Seydel Session, Session Steel
  • Seydel Solist Pro (12 hole), Favorite
  • Suzuki Manji & Low Tone
  • Suzuki BluesMaster

*The Hohner Crossover has very sharp rear corners that can damage your Rackit! The Rackit! Owner's Manual provides instructions on how to bend the corners slightly to prevent this.

All Rackit!'s come with removable tone control end caps. One is solid, the other has a hole allowing "wah" hand effects. When no mic is installed, install the solid plug at one end and the hole plug at the other - the hole plug is for your "wah" hand. When the Bulletini mic is installed, use the solid plug for "Huge" tone. Install the (holed) one for a slightly brighter, but still "Fat" sound with the possibility of adding hand effects. For the cleanest acoustic tone, remove the end cap entirely.

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I've purchased harmonicas from here a few times; every time it came in perfect condition. Very happy with service!

Google ReviewArturas VaitkusReviewed 26/03/2023

Amazing service! Emailed the company and they came straight back. Professional and I will be definitely using them again.

Google ReviewChris StartupReviewed 13/10/2023

Excellent customer service! My recent purchase required a couple of alterations in details and they were very responsive about it. Despite the changes in the order, the item actually arrived earlier than expected!

Google ReviewKaiomurz MotawaraReviewed 01/11/2018
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