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Brendan Power Paddy Richter 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica

Model: Brendan-Paddy


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Product Description

Brendan Power Paddy Richter 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica

For those who want a great-playing half-valved Paddy-Richter harp while saving a significant amount of cash, we're proud to announce The Brendan Power Paddy Richter model - manufactured by Easttop.

It has a couple of unique features to make it even more user-friendly! First, there's a Look-Dot (position marker) on the middle front of the comb; with a quick glance, this will orient you on the harp so you never lose your place. Second, there's a seventh inside valve to give extra soul and volume to hole 7 blow - a very important note for playing all the main positions in Irish music. Without realising it, players put too much pressure on this reed, often causing it to fail. The extra valve will protect the 7 blow reed as well as allow you to add valved bending and vibrato to it – a win-win! Available in the keys of G, D, C & A.

Brendan is really pleased with how his own-brand Paddy-Richter harp plays – you will be too.

About Brendan Power

Brendan Power is one of the world's leading harmonica players and innovators. He's developed a number of new tuning schemes for harmonicas, including Powerbender, Powerdraw and Paddy Richter and can be heard playing harmonica on a range of recordings from artists such as Sting and Kate Bush.

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