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Bulletini Holder

Model: BH1


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Product Description

The Bulletini Holder is a round designed and smooth surfaced microphone holder to fit the BlowsMeAway Production Bulletin Mic, that is comfortable to hold or cup with hands. The Bulletini microphone from BlowsMeAway Production is one of the most exciting little microphones the harmonica world has ever seen. Dirty sound and fat bottom end are the main features of Bulletini, Heumann element and that's why the Bulletini is a favourite mic among harmonica players.

Many harmonica players play multiple instruments and that is why they need a holder for their favourite microphone. Other musicians just like to sing trough it to dirty up their voice.


  • Round design and smooth surface comfortable to hold or cup with hands
  • Matte black colour that goes great with Bulletini microphone
  • Easy to click your Bulletini in and out
  • Helps holding the Bulletini Mic more safe
  • Easy access to switchcraft adapter, volume control or Screw on Cable 
  • Built in thread adapter for mounting on a mic stand

Note: The bulletini mic is not included, and sold separately 



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