Danelectro Billion Dollar Boost Pedal

Model: BT1


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0% Sales Tax for all US States

Product Description

The Danelectro Billion Dollar Boost Pedal is a reissue of a rare 80’s ‘hidden gem’. Boosts all frequencies, plus provides pure pre-amp clean with lots of gain. Clean and crisp at 50% or less, but pushes the amp into crunchy bite at 50% or more, this pedal will become your secret weapon. Works brilliantly with Class A type amps, such as our Supro Super 1 x8 to give you that pure vintage tone and response.

With their die-cast steel construction and featuring high gloss ‘classic car’ finishes, the new superb range of Billionaire Pedals from Danelectro USA not only look the business, but also deliver tons of vintage tone in spades. They also have a nice wide footprint, which gives them good stability when used in a live environment.

All Danelectro Billionaire Pedals are true bypass and can be powered via standard 9 volt battery or power supply unit.

About Danelectro

Danelectro was originally founded in the USA by Nat Daniel in 1947. During the 1940s, the company produced amps for various large US retailers, before branching out into solid body electric guitars in the 1950s. Throughout this decade they also produced own brand guitars and amps for a number of US stores.

In 1966, Danelectro was sold to MCA, but was disbanded only a few years later, following an abortive attempt to take the brand upmarket and into more specialist retailers.

Having been purchased by the Evets Corporation in the 1990s, Danelectro today produces a range of retro styled guitars, amps and effects pedals that hark back to their origins in the 1950s and 1960s, but which use modern manufacturing techniques to achieve great vintage tone at a reasonable price level.

Be sure to check out the Danelectro Cash Cow pedal, if you're looking for more of a vintage overdrive/distortion sound.

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Amazing service! Emailed the company and they came straight back. Professional and I will be definitely using them again.

Google ReviewChris StartupReviewed 13/10/2023

I've purchased harmonicas from here a few times; every time it came in perfect condition. Very happy with service!

Google ReviewArturas VaitkusReviewed 26/03/2023

Great company - fast service and shipping. I'll be back!

Google ReviewJimmy TrimbleReviewed 12/10/2023
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