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Easttop Brendan Power Lucky 13 Harmonica - Paddy Richter Tuning

Model: lucky13-Paddy


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Product Description

Brendan Power Lucky 13 Paddy Richter

The Easttop Brendan Power Lucky 13 harmonica Paddy Richter Tuning has it all: the standard range you're used to plus that Big Bottom, right there in your hands! Once you get used to a 4-octave Bass Blues Harmonica it is very hard to go back to the restricted range of a 10-hole harp ever again. It's two harps for the price of one: normal and low range, without having to buy/store both or switch harps in a tune.

Here are the main features of the Easttop Brendan Power Lucky 13 Paddy Richter:

  1. World's first 13-hole harp, Patent Pending.
  2. 4 octave range in Paddy Richter tuning, with lower octave tagged on to normal 10-hole range.
  3. The same 7.5mm hole spacing as a normal 10-hole harp! That means it's easy to adapt to.
  4. Comfortable curved top cover, bottom cover raised at the bass end so the draw reeds never rattle.
  5. Holes in the coverplate ends, for extra volume.
  6. Solid comb, flat-sanded.
  7. Durable phosphor-bronze reeds.
  8. Thick chromed reedplates, secured with 11 screws for uniform airtightness.
  9. Clear visual numbering on top cover relates to the 10-hole diatonic, to make sure you never lose your place.
  10. Available in C, D and G
  11. Key indicators on front and ends of the comb, for those who like to stack harps vertically.
  12. Perfect for low chord rhythm or melody lines, and extended octave playing.
  13. Possible to re-tune the lower 3 holes to create new chords or extended alt tunings.


Lucky 13 Demonstration Video:  

About Brendan Power

Brendan is widely regarded as one of the world's greatest harmonica players, and has appeared as a guest harmonica player on multiple movie soundtracks and albums by Sting and Kate Bush, among others. He is also a considerable innovator in harmonica design and note layout, having created multiple alternative tunings and innovations such as half valving.

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