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Brendan Power Lucky 13 Harmonica - PowerChromatic Tuning

Model: lucky13-Paddy-1


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Product Description

Brendan Power Lucky 13 PowerChromatic Tuning

The Brendan Power Lucky 13 harmonica PowerChromatic tuning harp has it all: the standard range you're used to plus that Big Bottom, right there in your hands! Once you get used to a 4-octave Bass Blues Harmonica it is very hard to go back to the restricted range of a 10-hole harp ever again. It's two harps for the price of one: normal and low range, without having to buy/store both or switch harps in a tune.

Here's what Brendan has to say about this harmonica and the PowerChromatic tuning:

The extended length of the Lucky 13 lends itself well to harmonica tunings that repeat every five holes, because they need extra holes compared to Richter to achieve the same 3 octave range.

So I decided to make use of that extra real estate and offer the Lucky 13 in two wonderful tunings with repeating 5-hole scales.

POWER-CHROMATIC is a very expressive repeat-scale tuning I invented for my own use in 1980, and have used ever since. It has only two notes different to Solo tuning, but they have a big effect: now every single draw note can be bent! This makes for great bluesy expression as well as enabling you to play jazzy tunes with ease, using draw bending alone. Many different keys and positions are possible, allowing you to try several and choose the best one for a particular piece.


Download Notes & Tab

The PowerChromatic Lucky 13 is half-valved, giving strong blow notes with the ability to add vibrato and isolated-reed pitch bending, plus all those juicy draw bends in every hole. PowerChromatic comes in the keys of C, D and G; here is a chart showing the draw bends in the key of G:

If you already play PowerBender Tuning, PowerChromatic will be easy to learn - because it is the same scale as holes 4-7 of PowerBender, repeated! Here is Brendan showing playing an original tune on a PowerChromatic in G. Click the link for the Notes/TAB if you want to learn to play it yourself!


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