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Hohner Bob Dylan Signature M589016 Harmonica

Model: 000216


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Product Description

Hohner Bob Dylan Signature M589016 Harmonica

The Hohner Bob Dylan Signature is a collaboration between Hohner and Bob Dylan. With gold-plated reed plates, this wonderful harmonica features custom cover-plates bearing Dylan’s signature, a carrying case embossed with Dylan’s “Eye” logo, and an outer gift box featuring an exclusive picture of Dylan in the inside cover. Key of C.

  • Based one the Hohner Blues Harp, but with gold-plated reed plates in C-Major
  • Exclusive stainless steel covers with special embossing
  • Specially imprinted Doussie wood comb
  • Comb is double lacquered for swell resistance
  • Robust case with Bob Dylan imprint in silver
  • 10 hole diatonic
  • Comes in a Bob Dylan designed case
  • Made in Germany
  • Key of C

About Hohner

Hohner is one of the world's oldest harmonica manufacturers, and has been producing harmonicas and related instruments and accessories in Germany since the middle of the 19th century. It still makes the majority of its range in Trossingen, Germany, and is the brand of choice for many top musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams and Dylan himself.

Bob Dylan has played Hohner harmonicas almost exclusively from the 1950s to the present day. Genuine signed Marine Band harps that have been played by Dylan routinely fetch upwards of £6,000 at auction.

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