Hohner Echo 48 Tremolo Harmonica

Model: 48Tremolo


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Product Description

The Hohner Echo 48 Tremolo is part of the echo line series. All models of the Echo Line are very traditional and based on a history of more than 60 years. They are available in different sizes for individual use. Their warm and smooth sound gives these instruments an unique character and charm.

  • Sound: Tremolo.
  • Reeds: 48.
  • Reed Plate: Brass, 0.9mm.
  • Keys: C Major
  • Comb: Wood (maple).
  • Case/Packaging: Printed cardboard box.
  • Size: Length: 17.8cm.
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Product Specification

Harmonica TypeOctave Harmonica
Number of Holes48
Comb MaterialWood
Number of Reeds48
Spare Reeds Available?Yes
Musical StylesCountry, Folk

Always a great experience dealing with this firm; keen prices, fast delivery and well packaged.

Google ReviewRichard HonourReviewed 07/11/2023

Excellent customer service! My recent purchase required a couple of alterations in details and they were very responsive about it. Despite the changes in the order, the item actually arrived earlier than expected!

Google ReviewKaiomurz MotawaraReviewed 01/11/2018

I've purchased harmonicas from here a few times; every time it came in perfect condition. Very happy with service!

Google ReviewArturas VaitkusReviewed 26/03/2023

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The Seydel Sailor Steel Tremolo is the first traditionally-shaped tremolo harmonica with stainless steel reeds. The Seydel Sailor Steel Tremolo is a traditionally built diatonic tremolo-harmonica adn has a divided plastic comb: four holes in a square correspond to one draw and one blow note. If a single note is played two reeds that are tuned slightly sharp and flat from one another start to operate together. As a result the floating tremolo sound is produced that has grown into a typical stylistic element of many different kinds of folk music on the harmonica. The Seydel Sailor Steel Tremolo harmonica is well suited for playing melodies or chord accompaniment. If played with the "tongue blocking" technique both can be done simultaneously and then the full and rich sound of the Seydel Sailor Steel is reminiscent of a big styrian accordion. The unique stainless steel reeds provide a bright, lively tone, and will significantly outlast traditional brass reeds. 24 double-holes 48 Stainless Steel reeds (and rivets) with a very good pitch stability and a loud with full sound Body: divided, plastic black - non-corrosive and swelling-free Stable covers made of Stainless Steel Airtight reed plates made of German Silver (1.0mm) with very good flatness Weight: 134g (4.73oz ) Dimensions: 182 x 30 x 24mm (7.16 x 1.18 x 0.94inches)   The Seydel Sailor Steel Tremolo  – ambitious players of many traditional musical styles (Shanty, Alpenländische Volksmusik, Irish Folk, Classical, etc.) will not want to miss out on this fantastic instrument.... Read more
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Suzuki Baritone SBH-21 Tremolo Harmonica
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The Suzuki Baritone SBH-21 Tremolo Harmonica is pitched one octave lower than Suzuki's standard 21 hole instruments, allowing for an unusual warmth and depth of sound ordinarily not found on a tremolo harmonica. The Suzuki Baritone SBH-21 Tremolo Harmonica can also be used as to add bass to an ensemble performance. Tremolo harmonicas have two sets of reeds, one on top of the other. In this way, they are similar to a chromatic harmonica. However, where they differ is that chromatics have a slide to divert air to the top or bottom reeds, which are tuned to provide a chromatic range of notes; tremolos, in comparison have the reeds tuned slightly apart in pitch, and both sets of reeds are activated for each hole, whenever this is used. This provides the thick and distinctive warbling sound for which tremolo harmonicas are known.... Read more
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The Suzuki Winner 24 Tremolo is part of a series of Tremolo harmonicas by Suzuki. All of the Winner series harps come in the Key of C. This is a high quality performance harmonica for beginners and intermediates.  It possesses a nice abundant sound and sits comfortably in your hand. Stainless Steel Cover Plates ABS resin body 24 Holes 17.7cm long Keys: C Major Other mouth organs in the range: Winner 20, Winner 16 ... Read more
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The Seydel CLUB STEEL Octave harmonica is the first octave harmonica with stainless steel reeds. High-grade Octave harmonica in traditionally ergonomically curved shape and a specially rich octave sound due to 40 stainless steel reeds. The Seydel CLUB STEEL harmonica is especially made for playing melodies with or without tongue block in Folk music styles. If you play a single note on this model two reeds that are tuned in an octave apart sound together at once. That is why the Seydel CLUB STEEL harmonica sounds very full and warm and powerful at the same moment. The Seydel CLUB STEEL harmonica is made in Germany with high-quality materials and is therefore 100% corrosion free! Primary features: rounded coverplates made of stainless steel curved double row comb made of durable ABS-plastic, which are very lip-friendly reedplates made of German Silver (screwed) reeds and rivets as well as all of the screws used to assemble the Octave Steel are made of stainless steel measures: 14,5 x 4,4 x 2,3 cm weight: 115g The Seydel CLUB STEEL octave harmonica is the ideal companion for your every day use or for any hiking tour. Long durability and high tuning stability guaranteed. The Seydel CLUB STEEL comes with a practical and well protecting beltbag (available in the keys of Bb, C, D, and HG).... Read more
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