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Hohner Echo Trimline 32 Harmonica

Model: 000322


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Product Description

The single-sided Hohner Echo Trimline 32 Tremolo Harmonica is sleek and contemporary with chrome-plated embossed covers, which exude an irresistible touch of nostalgia, and wooden (comb) bodies. This is the smallest 16 hole (32 reeds) model.

Tremolo-tuned harmonicas are mainly used for folk music. They are easily recognisable by the horizontal division of the air channels. Each channel has two reeds for each note, one pair for blown notes and another pair for drawn notes.

  • Maple wood comb
  • Stainless steel covers
  • 0.9 mm brass reed plates
  • 16 hole (32 brass reeds)
  • Ideal for ballads, gospel & traditional folk music
  • Comes in a plastic snap case
  • Keys: C

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