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Hohner Flexcase M

Model: FlexcaseM


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Product Description

Hohner Flexcase M

The Hohner FlexCase M is a compact, light and robust storage solution for session equipment, providing space for up to seven diatonic harmonicas. The case protects each harmonica individually, preventing scratches or dents, and provides sufficient air circulation. In addition, each FlexCase M has a velcro strip on its back so two of them can be joined together.

FEATURES Ideal protection

The FlexCase M protects each harmonica individually, thus preventing scratches or dents and providing sufficient air circulation.

Secure hold

Velcro fasteners allow a reliable closure and thus a carefree transport.


Two FlexCase M can be connected to each other with Velcro straps and thus offer space for up to 14 diatonic harmonicas.

If you require storage for more than 7 harmonicas, or for a mix of chromatic and diatonic harps and accessories, check out the larger Flexcase models - the Flexcase L and the Flexcase XL

About Hohner

Hohner is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious harmonica manufacturers. It has been operating from its headquarters in Trossingen, Germany, since the 19th century, and has been responsible for producing harmonicas used by the most famous players, such as Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan.

Some of its designs, such as the Marine Band 1896 Classic, have remained a constant within the harmonica scene for over a century, whilst newer models, such as the Special 20, have been widely copied by other manufacturers, but arguably never surpassed.



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