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Hohner Flexcase XL


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  • Holds up to 48 harps
  • Can be configured to hold chromatic harps, microphones, etc.
  • Includes removable case for tools.

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Hohner Flexcase XL

Hohner Flexcase XL – The FlexCase XL is a very robust suitcase that offers enough space for specialized players needing to carry backup harps, extra keys, special tunings or custom instruments for an extended tour. When used only for diatonic harmonicas, up to 48 fit in the suitcase. A wide variety of harp/equipment combinations is possible thanks to the foam inlay, which can be partially removed, a removable tool bag and a second bag for a chromatic harmonica. Since the harmonicas are standing in the case, the entire content of the FlexCase XL can be seen at a glance during live performances.

As with the, hand and shoulder straps ensure optimal carrying comfort.



Ideal protection

The FlexCase XL protects each harmonica individually, thus preventing scratches or dents and providing sufficient air circulation.


Maximum configurational flexibility

Holds either 48 diatonic, 30 diatonic plus two three-octave chromatic or 30 diatonic plus one four-octave chromatic harmonica. Depending on the combination, there is also room for a vocal microphone, a bullet microphone with cable or numerous accessories and tools.

Note: Harmonicas, microphones, leads and tools are for illustrative purposes only and are not includes with the case.

If you’re looking for a smaller case, check out the Flexcase L and the Flexcase M


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