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Hohner Harponette Harmonica

Model: M583016


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Product Description

The Hohner Harponette was originally released in 1909. A hundred years later, Hohner's master instrument makers have crafted a particularly attractive replica model entirely manufactured in Trossingen, Germany. It features a CNC-milled bordeaux red casing, into which a high-quality Richter harmonica is inset and enables the player to produce a uniquely warm and sonorous tone.

A must for any harmonica collector

  • The Hohner Harponette comes in a luxurious embossed case with a magnetic closure.
  • Doussié wood comb
  • 10 Hole
  • Diatonic tuned
  • 0.9 mm brass reed plates
  • 20 brass reeds
  • Stainless steel covers with Harponette embossing
  • CNC-milled solid spruce casing, attractively laquered, with authentic silver imprint
  • Elegantly styled vintage cardboard case with practical magnetic closure
  • Available in C-major

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