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Hohner Marine Band 364 24 Harmonica

Model: HMB32H


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Product Description

The Hohner Marine Band 364/24 is part of the 'hand-made series' by Hohner, and when Sonny Boy Williamson II played his well known song ”Bye Bye Bird“, the mouth organ he used was a model called the Echo Vamper. This was the British version of the Marine Band 364 for sale here, the construction of which has not changed since (with the exception of the cover engravings).

  • Number of holes: 12
  • Mouthpiece surface: pearwood
  • Reeds: 24 brass
  • Cover Surface: Stainless steel
  • Comb: pearwood, red
  • Total range extended upwards
  • Available in keys C, D & G

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