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Hohner New Super 64 (Performance Series)

Model: Super64-NEW


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Product Description

Hohner New Super 64 (Performance Series)

Hohner New Super 64 (Performance Series) - The original HOHNER Super 64 embodied the high end chromatic harmonica since it first came on the market. With the new Super 64, HOHNER upgrades this iconic instrument with a breathtaking design and a whole range of innovative features.

The VarioSpring System permits individual adjustment of slide spring tension, while the revolutionary construction of the new SilentSlide is exceptionally airtight and almost completely silent in operation. In addition, the optimized comb chambers ensure fastest possible response.

The new Super 64 also sets new standards in durability and ease of maintenance. The reed plates are mounted with screws, without contact to the covers, reducing reed wear and making basic maintenance much simpler. The covers are attached separately and the nylon case provided also serves as a mobile work bench. Truly a giant step in the evolution of the chromatic harmonica.

The new Super 64 features 1.2mm brass reed plates, an ABS comb, stainless steel cover plates and zigzag slide construction. It's solo tuned and has a full 4 octave range from C3 - D7.

About Hohner

Hohner is one of the world's oldest harmonica manufacturers and has been producing harmonicas in Germany since the middle of the 19th Century. Its Marine Band diatonic harmonica has been used by many of the most famous harp players, from Sonny Terry to Bob Dylan, and its wide availability and relative inexpensiveness helped it to play a part in kickstarting the blues genre.

Hohner hasn't rested on its laurels, though; although the Marine Band is relatively unchanged, the company has introduced many innovations, such as recessed reed plates, ABS combs and ergonomic chromatic harps.

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