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Hohner Special 20 5 Pack – G, A, C, D and E


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  • Includes the 5 most popular keys – G, A, C D and E
  • Zip up case
  • Excellent playability from the world’s most widely copied harmonica
  • Suitable for all levels of player
  • Significantly less expensive than buying the 5 keys individually.

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Hohner Special 20 5 Pack – G, A, C, D and E

Hohner Special 20 5 Pack – G, A, C, D and E – This 5 pack of Special 20s gives you the most popular keys, plus a convenient zip up case for significantly less expense than purchasing the five keys individually.

About the Special 20

A unique, beautifully mellow sound, based on a revolutionary concept: the Special 20 was the first diatonic harmonica in the world with reed plates recessed into the comb, creating a projecting plastic mouthpiece. This makes it more comfortable to play, and the most copied harmonica design worldwide. Its distinctive sound is perfect for everything from Folk and Country to Rock and Pop. The Special 20 offers everything a professional harpist needs, but it’s also the ideal beginner’s instrument thanks to its smooth playability and comparatively affordable price. If you’re not just looking for a companion for the first few steps, but one to take you all the way, the Special 20 is your best possible bet.

Special 20s, like all of Hohner’s Progressive Series harmonicas, is made in Trossingen, Germany, where Hohner has been producing harmonicas since the 19th Century. As the world’s largest harmonica manufacturer, Hohner is able to combine state of the art manufacturing facilities with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that their instruments are of the highest quality at any given price point.


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