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Hohner Special 20



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The Hohner Special 20, one of the most popular harmonicas in the world.

  • A fantastic choice for your first harmonica
  • Also a firm favourite among pro players
  • Reeds: 20
  • Reed Plate: Brass, 0.9mm
  • Comb: Plastic
  • Case/Packaging: Plastic snap case
  • Also available in ‘Country Tuning’ – please click here for this model
  • Available in a handy pro-pack
  • Made In Germany


Hohner Special 20 has reed plates which are recessed into the injection moulded durable plastic comb, creating a projecting mouthpiece which offers unparalleled playing comfort. The special 20 has recessed reed plates affixed with screws. Rounded covers with closed sides give a warm, powerful tone which has made the Special 20 a favourite among rock and country players as well as blues musicians.

The stable construction and full sound make the Special 20 one of the most popular Richter models. Airtight, loud and reliable. A superb choice of harp!

This was the first Hohner harmonica to be manufactured with a plastic comb, potentially making it more airtight and less prone to swelling than wooden combed harps. Many modern harmonicas from other manufacturers are based on the Special 20. They say it’s the most copied harmonica in the world!

Also available in a handy pro-pack

Hohner History – The Hohner Special 20

Hohner are the German based manufacturer that make the Special 20 harmonica. The Hohner special 20 is part of their progressive series, and has become their flagship entry harmonica. Hohner were founded in 1857 by Matthias Hohner.

According to How To Play The Hohner 10 Hole Diatonic Harmonica by David Harp 650 harmonicas were made in their first year of production, Matthias Hohner, originally  a clock maker began crafting harmonicas in 1857, assisted by his wife and a single employee. The Hohner Special 20 is a diatonic harmonica, and it wasn’t until the 1920s, Hohner began manufacturing chromatic harmonicas, which unlike the “standard” diatonic form can be played in any key.

To read more about Hohner Harmonicas, check out our useful guide here.

Worldwide Delivery

The Harmonica Company provide competitive delivery rates, and time frames across the entire World. We hold huge stocks of all popular and less common models and ship daily using express couriers. The Hohner Special 20 is by far one of our most popular products which we are proud to sell all over the world.

Available Keys:
  • C
  • A
  • A Flat
  • B
  • B Flat
  • D
  • D Flat
  • E
  • E Flat
  • F
  • F Sharp
  • G
  • G High

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 cm

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1 review for Hohner Special 20

  1. dave257 (verified owner)

    I chose this harmonica when I became serious about learning. It’s very nice in the hands and although I’m still in the early stages of my learning, it’s proving to be a forgiving companion. Not too expensive and I’m finding it easier to get single notes from it. It sounds wonderful and it was in tune straight out of the box. No reed adjustments needed. It’s airtight and blowing and drawing can be done without much effort. I chose this over the Marine Band because I was put off by the MB’s wood comb swelling up. As a new starter, I’m developing a lot of saliva. I will be getting an MB when my learning is more advanced. I’ve been using the Special 20 for almost a week and it’s made the learning experience a lot more enjoyable and lot less frustrating than a super cheap harp would bring.
    As for The Harmonica Company. Super fast delivery. You won’t get a brand new Special 20 for cheaper anywhere else online. Can’t fault the company or the harp.

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