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Lee Oskar Quick Start Kit (For Guitar and Ukulele)

Model: QSGU


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Product Description

The Lee Oskar Quick Start Kit for Guitar and Ukulele is ideal for the singer/songwriter, giving you everything you need to get started with playing the harmonica accompanied by either your Guitar or Ukulele. Not only do you get a diverse range of harmonicas, you also get a handy instructional booklet showing you how the chords on the different harmonicas relate to guitar and ukulele chords, along with some suggestions on how to apply them to different musical styles.

All over the world, professional players use Lee Oskar Harps as there first choice harmonica.

The Lee Oskar Quick Start Kit includes four harmonicas in the following tuning:

  • Major Diatonic (Key of C) for Folk, Country, Blues, Rock and Pop Music
  • Melody Maker (Key of G) for R&B, Country, Reggae, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Afro and Ska Music
  • Natural Minor (Key of Am) for Minor Blues, Reggae, Ska, Latin, Funk, R&B, and Hip-Hop Music
  • Harmonic Minor (Key of Am) for Gypsy, Yiddish, Asian, East European, Tango, and Reggae Music
  • One soft cloth pouch to hold four harmonicas
  • One Lee Oskar harp holder
  • One 16-page instructional booklet that is supported by Lee Oskar's educational website (


In the words of Lee Oskar, “For all kinds of musicians, the harmonica offers endless possibilities for artistic exploration—it’s an incomparable instrument that can add mesmerising energy, depth, spice and soul to your music. Not only is the harp a natural for instrumentalists like guitar, ukulele and piano players, harmonicas are the ideal resource for singer/songwriters and composers for making melodies and coming up with hook lines for all kinds of music.”


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