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Pignose 9V Power Adaptor for Pignose Amps



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Product Description

This Pignose 9V Power Adaptor for Pignose Amps allows you to plug your amp into the mains instead of using battery power.

This is an official Pignose product and will work with any of the Pignose 7-100 amps, including the Legendary, Snakeskin and Tweed models.

Please note that this adaptor is only currently available with an EU style two pin plug as pictured. If you wish to use this in the UK, you will need to connect it to a travel adaptor.

About Pignose Amps

Pignose Amps can trace its history back to 1969, when it began to produce possibly the first commercially available portable guitar amplifier. Initial samples of the amp were given to famous musicians of the time, and their feedback was incorporated into the production amps, which were available from 1973.

The current range of 7-100 amplifiers are almost identical to the original Pignose amps, retaining the signature sound, portability and the capability of being used as a preamp and plugged into larger amplifiers via the output jack.



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