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Pinegrove Leather - Single Harmonica Pouch

Model: Pinegrove-single-pouch


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Product Description

Pinegrove Leather - Single Harmonica Pouch

Pinegrove Leather - Single Harmonica Pouch - This single harmonica case has been made on special request from a respected harmonica dealer in the US. The leather is top quality 3mm vegetable-tanned, necessary to allow it to keep its shape. Virtually indestructible, and available in three colours.

This little harp holder is perfect for the harmonica player who likes to keep a harmonica at hand everywhere they go. Whether you're on the road or up a mountain, this case holds that harp safe, tucked away in the glove box or backpack. This case is sized to fit most 10 hole diatonic harmonicas - almost all Seydel, Suzuki, Hohner and Lee Oskar 10 hole diatonics will fit perfectly. Chromatic harmonicas and octave/tremolo harps require a larger case, which can be found here. Please choose brown, black or antique brown when you order. This harmonica case is supplied with a guarantee card. Item size: Approx 125x55x25mm (4.75x2x1 inches). Item weight: Approx 40g (1.5oz)

All Pinegrove Leather products are hand crafted in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, UK and use only the highest quality materials. There are no production lines or conveyor belts, or even a warehouse!

Pinegrove owner, Rod Boyes, is a committed musician and plays guitar and harmonica in an Americana band. It was his dissatisfaction with the types of harmonica cases that previously - being either mass-produced and low quality, or hand crafted but excessively expensive - that led to him founding Pinegrove Leather in 2012. Today the company produces a range of cases, belts, straps and accessories both for harmonicas and other instruments.

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