Pinegrove Leather Straight 8 Leather Harmonica Belt and Case

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Product Description

Pinegrove Leather Straight 8 Leather Harmonica Belt and Case - Leather harmonica belt and case combined

These cases hold 8 diatonic harmonicas that all rock and blues players use. It can take all types Hohner, Lee Oskar, Suzuki, etc. The pockets are shaped so the harps are easy to grab, and there's a viewing hole in each pocket so you can see the key. The case rolls up and fastens with a strong leather strap and a solid brass military style buckle.

Unrolled, this harmonica case becomes a cool harp belt. The long strap fastens tightly with a D-ring buckle which gives infinite adjustment and total versatility. As standard, this harp belt will fit any waist size up to 43". (Add a note to your order if you need it longer.) The long flap can even be pulled over your precious harps so that you can carry them around this way. Great for festivals!

The expensive Italian leather used for this harmonica roll is tough outside and protects against bumps, dirt and rain. This has a beautiful natural grain texture. Inside is soft suede. A cover flap in contrasting leather gives extra protection. Behind the flap is an address card holder.

This harmonica belt is supplied in a cotton gift bag.

Item size: Approx 700x220mm (27x8.5 inches) when open Item weight: Approx 380g. (13.5oz)


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I've purchased harmonicas from here a few times; every time it came in perfect condition. Very happy with service!

Google ReviewArturas VaitkusReviewed 26/03/2023

Always a great experience dealing with this firm; keen prices, fast delivery and well packaged.

Google ReviewRichard HonourReviewed 07/11/2023

Excellent customer service! My recent purchase required a couple of alterations in details and they were very responsive about it. Despite the changes in the order, the item actually arrived earlier than expected!

Google ReviewKaiomurz MotawaraReviewed 01/11/2018

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Straight-8 Leather Harmonica Case with tie cords - brown

Straight-8 Leather Harmonica Case with tie cords - brown

Straight-8 Leather Harmonica Case with tie cords - brown. This leather harmonica case is available in dark brown with a contrasting distressed-effect cover, or jet black leather throughout. It holds up to 8 harmonicas - the 10 hole type that all rock and blues players use. Any brand will fit, whether it's Hohner, Lee Oskar, Suzuki, etc. The pockets are specially shaped for easy access whilst giving good protection, and there's a window in each pocket so you can see the key. (Harp players commonly mark their harps' keys with large letters so its easy to see them on stage.) The case rolls up and ties with strong leather tie cords. The Straight-8  is made from a thick high quality leather that's hard wearing on the outside and soft inside. This has a "buffalo" grain pattern that's perfect for the purpose. Extra protection is given with a cover piece in contrasting leather, shaped to mirror the traditional blues harp profile. All Pinegrove goods are hand-crafted in the UK from the finest materials. Owner, Rod Boyes, is not only a serious leather crafter, he's also a musician and songwriter.  Rod currently plays guitar and harmonica in Americana band The 309s, and his musical history goes back more than 30 years.  He started out playing bass in a punk band, switched to bluegrass guitar, then later Cajun and Western Swing.  He applies the same detailed attention to his music as he does to his leatherwork.  It's got to be perfect. In 2012 Rod decided to mix his musical experience with his design and craft abilities and launched Pinegrove Leather.   Previously he had been dissatisfied with the cases for harmonicas, which were either mass-produced and synthetic, or custom-made and beyond his wallet.  So he designed his own.  This was widely admired and a seed was sown.   The Pinegrove name comes from a well known Cajun song, The Pine Grove Blues by Nathan Abshire, a favourite from Rod's 10-year spell in a Cajun band.  ... Read more
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Seydel Compact Blues Harmonica Case for 30 Harps
Seydel Harmonicas

Seydel Compact Blues Harmonica Case for 30 Harps

The Seydel Compact Blues Harmonica Case for 30 Harps is solid, lightweight,  and designed to optimize your harmonica organization. It combines perfect protection and little weight in a very practical and efficient format. There are a number of hard cases available for carrying a large number of harps, but this, in our opinion, is the best in terms of durability, build quality and value for money. This true space saver offers room for 30 Blues harmonicas a bullet-type microphone with cable and a chromatic harmonica. The Blues harmonicas are placed in an upright position so the key stickers are visible all the time and you always grab the right instrument. The stable plastic housing, ergonomic carry handle and the sophisticated interior design make this case perfect for the road and the stage. With its remarkably small footprint and low weight, this case enables you to transport several sets of harmonicas and associated equipment in an extremely protective environment. Technical description: dimensions: 34 x 13cm (13.5 x 5.2 inch) weight: 1 kg (35 oz) foam insert with upright slots for 30 diatonic harmonicas (including SEYDEL 1847 Low harmonicas or any 10-hole models, also from other makers, such as Hohner, Lee Oskar and Suzuki) extra pocket for one chromatic harmonica (12 to 16 holes) or a 3m (10 ft) microphone cable special pocket for a bullet type microphone or other accessories ergonomic carry handle practical zipper stable plastic hardshell housing A contemporary Blues Harmonica Case designed for ambitious players who like (to carry) a little more!... Read more
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Lee Oskar 7 harp soft case
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Lee Oskar 7 harp soft case

The Lee Oskar 7 Harp Soft Case is a zippered soft case that is made of heavy black nylon. This Lee Oskar 7 harp soft case also has an inside pocket that is ideal for the Lee Oskar Tool Kit, replacement reeds or other accessories. Every harmonica player needs to store their harmonicas in a tidy way, so that they can reach for the right key when on stage or busking. This is an ideal, compact case that can be taken with you on the move. Made of Heavy Black Nylon Cordura Inside Pocket Holds 7 Harmonicas ... Read more
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Seydel Gigbag for 12 Blues Harmonicas

The Seydel Gigbag for 12 blues harmonicas is the perfect gig bag for 12 blues harmonicas. Suited primarily for 10-hole diatonic blues harmonicas, and is ideal for taking your harmonicas with you to perform. Suited for the ten-hole diatonic blues harmonicas (fits for 12 instruments) Made from sturdy synthetic cloth Instruments in upright position, access from the top An individual strap holds each harmonica in place Comes with a practical belt clip at the backside Dimensions: ca. 16 x 8 x 11 cm (not possible to pack it more compact!) ... Read more
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