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Seydel 1847 ONE70 Anniversary Harmonica

Model: ONE70C


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Product Description


WORLD PREMIERE: Seydel are celebrating their 170th anniversary and for one year only we have an amazing opportunity to sell this prestigious harmonica.

The SEYDEL 1847 ONE70 harmonica is the genuine-gold plated version of Seydel's top model the 1847 Noble. An insider's tip for all players and collectors.

  • Genuine gold-plated covers opened wide at the back for optimised sound projection
  • Comb precisely milled from aluminium, anodised in black with the SEYDEL logo in golden letters on the back offers superb air-tightness and improved handling due to the greater weight of the instrument
  • Tactile, durable, oval-shaped key sticker (golden) lessens the chance of holding the instrument upside down—even in the dark
  • German silver, corrosion-free, precision-cut reedplates affixed with stainless-steel screws provide extremely close tolerances between slot and reed for optimal tone control
  • Precision, factory-adjusted, pitch-stable, and durable stainless-steel reeds and rivets provide optimal tone and responsiveness
  • Tuning: Standard Richter.
  • Key: C

The 1847 ONE70, the gem of the 1847 Blues harmonica collection will be produced for one year only. It is a true blues harmonica with an unprecedented design, hand-made from the finest materials according to strict quality standards - an instrument for true professionals.



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