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Seydel Concerto Steel Octave Harmonica



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  • 2 x 10 discrete holes 40 stainless steel reeds, half-valved
  • metallic green plastic double row comb (ABS) – 2 reeds (blow/draw) per hole
  • stainless steel coverplates
  • reedplates made of German Silver, 1mm
  • weight: 96g (3.4 Oz)
  • measures: 125 x 30 x 27mm (4.9, x 1.18 x 1.06 inches)


Seydel Concerto Steel Octave Harmonica

Seydel Concerto Steel Octave Harmonica – Seydel’s best Richter-tuned Octave Harmonica with 40 stainless steel reeds for folky music and melodies of any kind.

The CONCERTO STEEL is a high grade octave-tuned double-reed diatonic. The notes are aranged exactly like on a 10-hole diatonic (Richter tuning).

The compact design and the typical full sonoric octave sound makes the CONCERTO STEEL the ideal musical companion for events of all kinds – the ideal pocket orchestra for assertive melody  and full chord playing.

The CONCERTO STEEL has a divided comb made of maintenance-free plastic and profits from the approved stainless steel reeds well known for durability and tuning stability.

Tuning stability is especially important for octave-tuned harmonicas where two reeds in one channel are either tuned exactly an octave apart. When drawing or blowing, the two reeds oscillate simultaneously, giving a full organ-like sound. Built-in windsavers (half-valving) minimize air loss, improve tone control and increase the overall volume while the playing pressure remains moderate.

Stainless steel reeds ensure that the Concerto Steel outlasts conventional octave harmonicas with brass reeds, and provide a clear and bright tone.

The CONCERTO STEEL comes in ten different keys and is the flagship of the SEYDEL STEEL OCTAVE series.

About Seydel

Seydel is the world’s oldest extant harmonica manufacturer, and has been producing harmonicas and accessories in Saxony since the middle of the 19th Century. All of Seydel’s harmonicas are produced in Germany, and most feature its signature stainless steel reeds, which provide unsurpassed durability and longevity.

Many of our customers have found that Seydel harmonicas outlast equivalent harps with brass reeds by a factor of two or three. This represents a significant saving on replacement reed plates in the long term, and more than justifies the small additional expenditure over a harp with brass reeds.

Seydel makes a wide range of harmonicas, from 10 hole diatonics through to 16 hole chromatics. Our buyer’s guide is available here.

Available Keys:
  • C
  • A
  • B
  • B Flat
  • D
  • E
  • E Flat
  • F
  • G High

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