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Seydel Favorite Harmonica

Model: SFH

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Product Description

Seydel Favorite Harmonica

The Seydel Favorite can hold its own with other top end harmonicas. It has a translucent anodised aluminium comb and stainless steel covers. Part of the Seydel Blues Series.

The Favorite shares some of the features of Seydel's other diatonic harmonicas: the alloy comb material of the 1847 Noble, the brass reeds of the Session and the cover plates and general design of the Session Steel. This provides it with a deep but bright sound, reminiscent of the Noble, but with the slightly more traditional tone of brass reeds. As the Favorite shares the basic design of the Session Steel, the reed plates can be changed at a later date to ones with stainless steel reeds, should this be desired.

  • Holes: 10
  • Reeds: 20
  • Exclusive metal body
  • Brass reeds
  • German silver reed plates
  • Ergonomically shaped covers – stainless steel
  • Includes the famous Seydel leather pouch
  • Hand Made in Klingenthal, Germany
About Seydel

Seydel is the world's oldest extant manufacturer of harmonicas and still produces all of its harps in Germany. Its speciality is stainless steel reeds, which combined with German silver reed plates provide a distinctive tone and offer exceptional durability and longevity. Seydel is also unique amongst the main manufacturers in its ability to offer custom tunings for a small premium. Please contact us if you wish to order a custom tuned Seydel harp.

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