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Seydel Session Steel Harmonica - Circular Tuning

Model: SS-Melodic-Maker-1


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Product Description

Seydel Session Steel Harmonica - Circular Tuning

Circular tuning variant: all notes of the scale are arranged "logically" and can be reached by alternately blowing and drawing. Therefore it is possible to play up to 12 different chords. For the same reason, it is not so easy to clearly assign the key in which the harp is labeled in.

Please note: hole #1 blow is the lowest note and designates the key of the harp here, although the playable major scale is 5 semitones (or a fourth) higher than the label on the instrument indicates. Depending on which root note you choose, you can very easily play melodies in the eight different 'church keys' = modes (modal scales). This tuning is sometimes also called "Spiral" or "Melody King".

The SESSION STEEL is the upgrade to our successful SESSION model is presented with a bold new look and superior technical reliability, excellent playability and a fantastic sound.




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