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Seydel Session Steel Harmonica Summer Edition 2020

Model: 10301C-2020


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Product Description

Seydel Session Steel Harmonica Summer Edition 2020

Seydel Session Steel Harmonica Summer Edition 2020 - The Summer Edition Session Steel is back for 2020, and this year it comes with a luminous yellow comb.

The Summer Edition retains all of the great features of the standard Session Steel, including German silver reed plates and stainless steel reeds, which can last up to 5 times longer than traditional brass reeds. The fine cut reed plates, extremely flat comb and tight tolerances ensure that there is minimal air loss. This makes the Session Steel very easy to play.

Many players like to buy a Summer Edition Session Steel each year in a different key - the variation in comb colour then enables them to easily distinguish the various keys in low light situations, such as gigs. Other players just prefer the special edition harp's colour combos to the standard orange combed Session Steels.

The Summer Edition harps are only available for a short time. When the production run is finished they won't be available, so make sure you grab one while you can! They're available in the six most popular keys and come with a black leather pouch.


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