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Seydel Smart Belt for 8 Harmonicas

Model: 930000


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Product Description

The Seydel Smart Belt  is upholstered very well and fits for eight Blues harmonicas - however it is still lightweight and convenient. With the Seydel Smart Belt you are ready for playing within seconds without searching too long for the right instrument!

  • Less than 200 g (net)
  • length adjustable between 60 and 135 cm
  • comfortable wearing for all sizes from S to XXL
  • safe fastener and variable adjustable length
  • tight holding of the harmonicas due to using wide rubber cloth for the single harmonica pouches
  • good ventilation of the instruments due to openings at the bottom of the pouches
  • convenient changing of instruments on stage

A must have for any serious harmonica player!

Note: Harmonicas not included

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