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Sonnyboys Mojo Harmonica



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Product Description

The Sonnyboys Mojo harmonica is tuned to ‘just intonation’ which is the old style blues tuning. If you want to create a sound like Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter or Big Walter this is the harmonica choice for you. This tuning has been adjusted to give sweet sounding chords, and therefore brilliant for first and second position chordal music. A top choice for blues, folk or cajun music.

  • Tuning: Diatonic tuning with just intonation
  • Black Coverplates
  • Reed Plates overlap the comb
  • Reeds are made of phosphor bronze and spot welded to the reed plate
  • Reed plates and comb assembly are joined together with 8 threaded screws, this ensures exceptional airtightness
  • 20 reeds
  • Holes 5 & 9 are 27 cents flat with this type of tuning
  • Keys Available: C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb

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