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Suzuki Fabulous - F-20E Equal Temperament

Model: F-20E

Starting at: £202.99

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Product Description

Suzuki Fabulous - F-20E Equal Temperament -the brand-new Fabulous harmonica series from Suzuki represents the ultimate state of the art in harmonica design, while keeping the best aspects of tradition. The appearance and sound of the instruments is stunning, with use of the highest quality materials throughout.

In a quest for the pure beauty of timbre, Suzuki redesigned and tested every part through an exhaustive prototype process. The precision tolerances achieved in the Fabulous harmonicas are unmatched by any other production harmonica — and you can hear it in the way the reeds respond soulfully to even the lightest breath.

Superb airtightness and instant response of the reeds to every breath creates a feeling of euphoria for every player when they first try Suzuki's all new Fabulous Chromatic Harmonica. The rich timbre of the Fabulous is a result of 21st century design matched with respect for the best aspects of tradition, embodied in top quality components with Suzuki's high accuracy processes.

About Suzuki

Suzuki Music (no relation to the car and motorcycle manufacturer) has been producing harmonicas in Japan since the 1950s. Its speciality is phosphor bronze reeds, which have a distinctive tone and offer greater durability than traditional brass reeds. Suzuki is the only mainstream manufacturer to offer harmonicas where all component parts with the exception of the reed plates and screws, are produced from wood.

Product Specification

Available KeysA, B Flat, D, Low F, G, C, F, E, E Flat, G High, F Sharp, D Flat, A Flat

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