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Suzuki Gregoire Maret G-48 Harmonica

Model: G48


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Product Description

The Suzuki Gregoire Maret G-48 Harmonica is a chromatic signature model of star player Grégoire Maret.  Grégoire was constantly seeking this mysterious "Beautiful Dark Sound" throughout the development of his signature models. He proposed many ideas, including the materials to be used, the colours, the tolerance of the reeds and other intricate aspects of these magical instruments.

After exhaustive research, the G-48 and G-48W fulfil the spirit of his ideas to the last detail. The G-48 has a powerful and intense sound that's combined with a unique dark blue coverplate. The special plating is not just beautiful but has high durability characteristics. This plating material is renowned for its durability.
  • Number of holes: 12
  • 48 notes
  • C ~ D4, Sliding Chromatic
  • Phosphor bronze reeds
  • Brass covers plated with Blue abrasion resistant plating
  • Dimensions: 155 x 45 x 30mm (6.10"x 1.77"x 1.18")
  • Weight: 341g (0.75 lb)

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