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Suzuki K-1200 Harmonica Keychain

Model: K-1200


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Product Description

Suzuki K-1200 Harmonica Keychain  - ideal as a gift or to show how much you love harps, it is a 4 hole mini harmonica with Keychain.

  • Range C3 to C4
  • Holes: 4
  • Keychain

Suzuki Musical Instruments was founded in the 1950s in Japan, and benefited greatly from the country's focus on the melodica as an educational instrument to be used in schools. In the 1990s it purchased the Hammond Corporation - manufacturer of the famous Hammond Organ, as used on many psychedelic recordings, particularly during the 1960s.

Today it produces a range of harmonicas, from basic 10 hole diatonics, through to high end chromatics. The company has maintained its connections with musical education, though, and has a range of harmonicas specifically designed for beginners and children.

To find out more about Suzuki Harmomicas click here

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