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Suzuki Sirius S-64C Harmonica

Model: S-64C


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Product Description

The Suzuki Sirius S-64C harmonica combines excellent sound production and elegant design which will impress both audience and players alike. Suzuki have used their vast experience and know how to create the ‘Fabulous’ series, which in turn lead to the creation of the ‘Sirius’. Every detail about the design of the ‘Sirius’ has been carefully researched, resulting in a new standard of Chromatic Harmonica. This unique model allows the player to perform a wider range of playing expressions.

  • Available Keys: C
  • Range: 16 hole 64 notes (C to D4)
  • Slide Alignment: Cross (Long Stroke)
  • Cover Plates: Brass with Matt Chrome Plating
  • Body: ABS resin with brass weight
  • Reedplate: Brass with chrome plating
  • Reed: Phosphor bronze
  • Mouthpiece: Silver Plated Brass
  • Dimensions: 195x45x31
  • Weight: 395g
  • Accessories: ABS Case, Cleaning Cloth

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