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Tombo Folk Blues MKII Harmonica

Model: 1210



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Product Description

The Tombo Folk Blues MKII harmonica, is the updated model of the original Tombo Folk Blues. A lot has changed from the original model, and this is a much different instrument. While the original comb was plastic, they have gone for an upgrade to Japanese Maple wood, giving it a much warmer tone.

The stainless steel covers have a wonderful Japanese feel engraving, making it unbelievably aesthetically pleasing.  The end of each cover has a vent much like those on the venerable Hohner Marine Band, nevertheless unlike the Marine Band, the covers have built in supports at the rear which gives them extra durability if left in your back pocket.

Suitable for any player who wants to play the Blues

  • Comb: Japanese Maple Wood
  • Cover Plates: Stainless Steel
  • Clear and bright tone

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