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Tombo Pocket Chord Harmonica

Model: 1161


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Product Description

The Tombo Pocket Chord harmonica 8 chord harmonica with brass reedplates fully recessed in a satin finished ABS comb, stainless steel cover plates, and held together by screws and nuts. The Tombo Pocket Chord is wonderful for group and ensemble players, adding that extra depth to the music. Each chord has four blow reeds and the tuning and reed adjustment is excellent. The major and minor chords are tuned in Just Intonation to give the smoothest possible chords and the 7th chords tuned as a pure major triad with a tempered seventh added. A great harmonica for the beginners to play ensemble.

Tombo are known for manufacturing the Lee Oskar diatonic range, which can be found here

  • 8 Holes
  • Range: C ~ B7 (C/D7/Dm/E7/F/G7/Am/B7)
  • ABS Comb
  • Stainless Steel Cover Plates
  • Blow only
  • W 147 x h 37 x d 26 mm
  • 138 g
  • Includes zipup carrying case

Product Specification

Harmonica TypeOrchestral Harmonica
Number of Holes8
Comb MaterialPlastic
Number of Reeds16
Spare Reeds Available?Yes
Musical StyleClassical

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