Xvive Sweet LEO Overdrive Pedal

Model: SWEET-LED-02


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Product Description

Xvive Sweet LEO Overdrive Pedal has a range of overdrive sounds that replicate classic Class A valve and tweed amps from the 1960s - perfect for players who are seeking mild to moderate overdrive in a package that will be durable for gigs and also sweet sounding for recording.

The 'Growl' control enables you to change the overdrive characteristic from the shimmering bell sound typical of amps such as the Vox AC30 and AC15, through to the dirtier tones of fully cranked up tweed amps - and all without the need to deafen yourself or annoy the neighbours!

Adjusting the volume level down will also enable a clean boost, which can be useful in live scenarios.

Housed in a very sturdy metal box, with a positive action to the footswitch, and with an LED light to indicate status, this pedal is perfect for gigging.

Note that this pedal will require the use of a 9V DC power supply.

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I've purchased harmonicas from here a few times; every time it came in perfect condition. Very happy with service!

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Excellent customer service! My recent purchase required a couple of alterations in details and they were very responsive about it. Despite the changes in the order, the item actually arrived earlier than expected!

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Amazing service! Emailed the company and they came straight back. Professional and I will be definitely using them again.

Google ReviewChris StartupReviewed 13/10/2023
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