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Harmonica microphones are an essential accessory for any harmonica player. Amplifying the sound of your harp with the right harmonica mic can take your sound to another level.

At The Harmonica Company we look to source mics that are suited specifically for playing the harmonica. We stock the BlowsMeAway Production Bulletini (“The tiny bullet harmonica mic with the great big tone”)

The Bulletini is available in two formats – with volume control and without volume control. The former allows the volume to be manipulated at the microphone with no alteration of the tone (something that other microphones struggle to achieve. The non-volume control model is slightly cheaper and is perfect for situations where the player doesn’t need to manipulate the volume level (eg when going through a mixing desk controlled by a sound engineer. Both microphones feature the same Heumann element, which gives the fantastic vintage tone for which Blowmeaway microphones are famous.