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  • Hohner Blues Band HarmonicaSelect options
  • Hohner Blues Bender HarmonicaSelect options
  • Suzuki Airwave Diatonic HarmonicaSelect options
  • Seydel Session Standard HarmonicaSelect options
  • Suzuki Play 365 Days HarmonicaSelect options
  • Hohner See-Thru Happy Harp BlueRead more
  • Hohner Silver Star Mouth OrganSelect options
  • Suzuki Easy Rider Diatonic HarmonicaSelect options
  • Suzuki Folkmaster Diatonic HarmonicaSelect options
  • Hohner Hot Metal HarpSelect options
  • Hohner See-thru happy harp greenRead more
  • Fender Blues Deluxe HarmonicaSelect options
  • Suzuki Harpmaster Diatonic HR200Select options
  • Hohner Speedy Pink HarmonicaAdd to cart
  • Hohner See-Thru Happy Harp RedAdd to cart
  • Hohner Speedy Yellow HarmonicaRead more
  • Sonny Boy's Mojo HarmonicaSelect options
  • Hohner Big River Harp MS HarmonicaSelect options
  • Hohner See-Thru Happy Yellow HarpAdd to cart
  • Hohner Speedy Blue HarmonicaRead more

Harmonicas for Beginners

Want to start playing the harmonica (otherwise known as “Mouth Organ” or “Harp”)? Don’t know which is the best one to learn to play on?

In this section we have selected a range of good, affordable starter harmonicas  for beginners from the leading harmonica manufacturers. We recommend starting with a harmonica in the key of C, as this is the most popular key in which songs are written. This is a great place for beginners to learn how to play and once you have mastered playing a few different songs, then we recommend you look to new keys and more advanced songs.

The keys of G and A are the next most popular keys; as a consequence, many models are available as a pack of 3 in these keys, at a discount from buying them individually.

Read more in our ‘Buying your first harmonica’ article here