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Fender harmonicas are a relatively new addition to the line of products offered by Fender Musical Instrument Corp. Aimed at beginners and experienced players alike, their harps feature durable plastic combs and brass or phosphor bronze reeds.

The Blues Deluxe is a competitively priced entry level harp, whilst the Blues Deville goes head to head with Hohner’s Special 20 for quality and tone.

The company itself is best know for its guitars and amplifiers. Leo Fender, the founder, recognised the potential of the solid body electric guitar in the 1950s, and created one of the first mass produced instruments of this kind – the Telecaster.

Unlike contemporary Gibsons, this featured a cheaper single cutaway body, made from a less exotic wood than Gibson’s mahogany, and also had a bolt in neck. Both of these measures kept prices down, enabling young people to buy electric guitars and, thus, kick started the rock and roll revolution.

Today the company is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments and amplifiers.