Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harmonica Review

Review Summary:

The Hohner Marine Band Crossover is a fantastic diatonic harmonica for the price. Like others in Hohner’s Marine Band line, it is solidly constructed and built to stand up to a vigorous workout. It is assembled with screws, making it easy for serious musicians to open up and tweak to their liking. One of the most unique things about the Hohner Crossover is its patented laminated bamboo comb. Not only does it produce a great sound, but it will definitely appeal to any environmentally friendly musicians out there. This harmonica is designed for the kind of easy note bending necessary for anything from jazz and blues to funk music.

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  • Great harmonica for blues
  • Great for learning to bend. If you’re able to spend a bit more than the price of the Hohner Special 20 you’ll be happy with this harmonica.

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  • No Negatives to report. This is a spectacular harmonica.


Hohner Marine Band Crossover Video: