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Harmonica Player Profiles

Bob Dylan, a harmonica player

Bob Dylan

Robert Allen Zimmerman, known to all as 'Bob Dylan' is, perhaps, the most influential singer songwriter in the history of popular music. He is also inextricably connected with the ten hole diatonic harmonica, having used it on many of his most popular hits.

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Little Walter, a harmonica player

Little Walter

Marion Walter Jacobs, more commonly known by his stage name, 'Little Walter' is widely regarded as one of the most innovative blues harmonica players of all time.

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Stevie Wonder, a harmonica player

Stevie Wonder

Ask the average person in the street to name a harmonica player and chances are that Stevie Wonder will be the most common answer. Similarly, if you were to ask a music critic or aficionado to name the top ten greatest albums of all time, Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life would almost certainly feature heavily.

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Junior Wells, a harmonica player

Junior Wells

Amos Wells Blakemore Jr, known professionally as Junior Wells, was one of the leading proponents of blues harmonica from the early 1950s onwards.

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