The Harmonica Company stocks a wide range of accessories, from amps and effects pedals through to harmonica holders, microphones and associated peripherals, cases and harp wahs.

We offer harmonica holders from Hohner and Lee Oskar, amongst others, amps from Pignose and Supro, microphones from Blowsmeaway (Bulletini) and cases and other accessories from a range of leading manufacturers.

Our Xvive effects pedal range is ideally suited to the demands of the harmonica and features, reverb, overdrive and chorus/delay pedals.

We offer cases suitable for storing and protecting anything from a single chromatic harmonica, through to a complete set of diatonics.

We're one of only a handful of retailers worldwide who are authorised to sell Bulletini microphones and related accessories and the innovative and unique Roly Platt Harp Wah.

Our Supro amps are all valve and are hand made in the USA - perfect for that vintage tone and feel beloved of most harp players.

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