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Seydel Deluxe Chromatic vs Deluxe Steel Chromatic

Seydel's Deluxe and Deluxe Steel harmonicas are 12 hole chromatics that share many common features. Let's take a look at how they compare, and what the extra expenditure on the steel model gets you.

The first thing to note is that the fundamental architecture of both harmonicas is the same. All parts from the Deluxe Steel will fit the standard model with no modifications, and the size and shape are pretty much identical. There are, however, some important differences, foremost of which are reed material and mouthpiece design.

Like many of Seydel's other harmonicas, the Deluxe Steel features stainless steel reeds. These offer a brighter tone and significantly greater longevity than the more traditional brass reeds used on the standard Deluxe. Some diatonic players find stainless steel reeds harder to achieve large bends on than brass reeds, but this is less of an issue on a chromatic, where bending notes is a much less commonly used technique than on 10 hole blues harps.

The mouthpiece on the Deluxe Steel is a significant upgrade over the square holed Deluxe model, and has half-moon shaped holes, combined with silver plating, and ergonomic shaping. This helps to make the Deluxe Steel an easier chromatic on which to play fast or complicated runs than its little brother.

Both harmonicas utilise a CNC machined acrylic comb, but the colours differ, with the Deluxe Steel featuring a vibrant orange comb, whilst the comb on the Deluxe is a more muted brown affair. Ultimately, this is just an aesthetic issue, and many player may prefer the subtler looks of the Deluxe.

In conclusion, the Deluxe Steel is the superior harp, and, if you can justify the outlay, it will reward you with improved playing performance and durability when compared with the Deluxe. Those on a tight budget, however, will be well served by the latter harp, which is relatively inexpensive for a German made chromatic and can easily be upgraded to Deluxe Steel specification if and when funds allow.

Seydel De Luxe Chromatic Harmonica
Seydel Chromatic De Luxe Steel Harmonica
Harmonica NameSeydel De Luxe Chromatic HarmonicaSeydel Chromatic De Luxe Steel Harmonica
Harmonica TypeChromatic HarmonicaChromatic Harmonica
Number of Holes1212
Comb MaterialPlasticPlastic
Number of Reeds4848
Spare Reeds Available?YesYes
Musical StylesJazz, Classical, PopJazz, Classical, Pop
Available KeysG, C, Low CA, B Flat, D, Low F, G, C, Orchestra - C, D Flat, Low E
Price from£159.99£219.49
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